PowerPax Launches 1A switching regulators in micro miniature SIP package.

Leading UK Power Conversion distributor PowerPax are pleased to launch the K78xxM-1000R3 series of 1A non-isolated switching regulators from global power conversion manufacturer Mornsun. This new range provides a significantly reduced package size, increasing their range of application in todays’ compact electronic products.

This series is designed to meet the greater current requirements found in many of todays’ applications and is provided in a 3-Pin micro miniature SIP package that is compatible with the standard linear LM78XX (TO-220 package) regulator and has an overall size of 11.60 x 8.00 x 10.40mm. The package material is a black flame-retardant, heat resistant plastic that is UL94-V0 rated, the typical weight of these regulators is 1.9g.

This range provides high levels of efficiency (up to 96%) and as a result little energy is wasted as heat so there is no need for any additional heatsink components which saves additional space and cost. The no-load input current takes into account the need for the highest possible efficiency in all conditions and is 1mA max for positive output configurations and 4mA max for negative output configurations.

These regulators have a wide input voltage range, up to 36V DC, and deliver precise output voltages. The range includes outputs of 3.3V, 5V, 9V, 12V and 15V DC with an output voltage accuracy of ±4% max. They can also be configured to provide negative voltage outputs. These regulators feature typical line regulation of ±0.4%, load regulation of ±0.6% typical and ripple & noise of typically 25mV P-P (20Mhz bandwidth). The output features continuous short circuit protection with self-recovery.

These regulators have an MTBF of 2000K hr’s (MIL-HDBK-217F @ 25°C) and feature an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C (de-rating above +71°C).

This series complements the wide range of Mornsun switching regulators available from PowerPax which all feature high efficiency characteristics and the same industry standard footprint.

This range of regulators are suited to many application including, but not limited to, industrial control systems, instrumentation, digital systems, electricity monitoring & control and battery powered systems. They offer a cost effective solution with lead times of typically 4 weeks for production volumes and samples generally available from stock.