New innovative LED lighting products and technologies showcased on

OMC's three decades of innovation result in wide range of power-saving, long-life, real world lighting solutions.

OMC, the pioneer in optoelectronics, is presenting a wealth of new LED lighting products and technologies on a new website at Included for the first time are a wide range of filament and fluorescent replacements, luminaires, high power floodlights, interior luminaires and lighting components for signage, retail and machinery. OMC first introduced LED-based replacement white light sources in the late 1990s and in 2005 was among the first companies to be able to offer viable LED fluorescent-replacement fixtures capable of complete room illumination. Continued development has resulted in a range of highly-efficient, low maintenance LED lighting products for a wide range of applications that do more than replace traditional products. Explains commercial director, William Heath: "The versatility of LED technology makes new lighting concepts and effects easily possible. Because OMC combines an expertise in electronics with almost three decades of experience applying light-emitting diodes in demanding applications, we can ensure that users benefit from the power savings inherent with LED technology, and also that our products have the long life expectancy that some other solid state products have, in the past promised but failed to deliver." One of the most interesting LED lighting technologies detailed in the new website is OMC's unique Multidie lamp range offering a true LED replacement for halogen dichroic lamps. Other key products include OMC's broad selection of solid state interior luminaires for use in a wide variety of applications including high-power recessed ceiling fittings, compact linear fixtures for task lighting, and replacements for many types of traditional fluorescent styles – all of which are significantly more efficient and lower maintenance that the traditional parts they replace.