1-day Hitex Arm User Conference, 22nd November 2018: Designing for tomorrow, building today - future-proofed microcontrollers for tomorrow’s world.

The 2018 Hitex Arm User Conference is back on the 22nd November 2018 with its biggest agenda to date. Giving the chance to meet not only the experts from Arm, but their leading and most innovative partners, this one-day free technical conference packs a hefty punch with 16 speakers featuring industry leaders from across the embedded world.

These speakers include experts from Amazon Web Services, Arm, and Hitex amongst many others. As the IoT crystallises into something tangible, we explore the day-to-day implications for embedded development and how we meet the security and performance demands placed on us.

This will include the new Armv8-M Cortex processors, Cortex-M33 and Cortex-M23 and the latest microcontrollers from the industry’s leading Silicon vendors.

The conference will also introduce the Arm Platform Security Architecture, which will play an important role in a new generation of online devices.

As ever, there will be an update on the new CMSIS specifications including CMSIS-Zone for resource partitioning in complex systems and we will introduce CMSIS-NN that brings machine learning to constrained devices.

All this alongside a stimulating mix of hardware, software and development techniques which will yet again deliver a full and informative event to the embedded engineering industry in the UK.

The conference agenda is also supported by a hand-picked exhibition to support all these topics and many more.

“We are delighted to have so many new faces on board this year,” commented Trevor Martin, Arm Specialist from Hitex (UK) Ltd. “With the IoT starting to really take shape, and cloud-based computing being applied to both day-to-day and industrial applications, the new possibilities that this opens up is huge. The agenda this year really does explore the leading edge of this technology – it’s exciting stuff!”.

Hitex are also running two training courses on the days before the conference, ensuring that any time away from office is as productive as it is enjoyable. These are “Using an RTOS on Cortex-based microcontrollers” and “Designing secure communications for IoT systems”, both delivered by Trevor Martin. Spaces for these courses are now limited.

To register for the event, book training or find out more please visit www.hitexarmconference.co.uk.