Pluggable spring clamp terminal blocks for DIN rail-mounted devices in the manufacturing sector

​Process flows in the manufacturing sector often use controllers which mount on a DIN rail. These configurable control systems are designed to carry out multiple safety or monitoring measurements at machine or system level. Often, the controls allow a modular upgrade so they can be adjusted to the requirements and the size of the machine. This requires a modular connectivity that METZ CONNECT is providing with its U-Contact range of PCB level connectors.

Connection technology

For decades, screw type terminal blocks have been the connection of choice for rail-mounted devices in building and industrial automation applications.

Nowadays, device manufacturers are moving towards spring clamp technology connectors. The push-in technology of these connectors is user-friendly, offering a fast and tool-free cable connection. Installer experience in the field has shown that wiring installation times can be reduced by up to 50% when using Spring connectors with Push-in Technology in comparison to the traditional screw-type technology. Furthermore, the Spring clamp technology offers permanent contact security to the conductor particularly in environments where vibration is present. The solution: the SP99 by METZ CONNECT.

The perfect spring clamp terminal block

Besides the general benefits of this terminal block such as contact security (maintenance free connection), permanent conductor contact, rapid connection by push-in technology, SP99 offers additional benefits for the manufacturing sector: Industrial automation often needs to connect an electrical potential to process signals. And the SP99 is offering two potential connections per pole with a maximum diameter of 2 x 2.5mm. Downtime in a manufacturing system is expensive, therefore a quick fix should be provided whena malfunction occurs. For a general prevention of shortfalls, a systematic check of the different sectors of the system is necessary. Ideally, each wire can be released separately at the rail-mounted device. The SP99 allows for separate release of each wire with a pushbutton actuator for each cable entry and the 90° wire entry angle guarantee a user friendly experience. SP99 is a pluggable solution and therefore ideally suited for multiple quick connect and disconnect cycles.

To avoid misaligned connections and ultimately device or system damage, METZ CONNECT offers additional mechanical coding options for SP99: coding pins are inserted into the respective notches of the terminal block and the respective pin header to guarantee correct connections are made every time.