Yokogawa launches next generation mixed signal oscilloscope

The Yokogawa DLM3000 is the first of a new generation of mixed signal oscilloscopes featuring the familiar “look and feel” and small footprint of the earlier DLM2000 Series.

The DLM3000 includes a number of new features focusing on quality, flexibility and usability to increase users’ productivity and meet the advanced needs of designs, particularly in the mechatronics and automotive sectors. Integrating the latest in touchscreen operation, solid-state storage and high-speed signal processing, the DLM3000 enhances productivity by providing “clean” noise-free signals, extensive processing, and ease of operation.

The instrument has a bandwidth of up to 500 MHz and a high sampling rate of 2.5 GS/s, making it suited to precision waveform analysis in measurements on fast switching signals in inverter drives, for example. The high sample rate is combined with an onboard memory capacity of 250 megapoints and an increased voltage range, leading to lower residual noise and increased sensitivity. The DLM3000 also incorporates a variety of real-time lowpass filters to ensure the fidelity of captured signals.

The combination of the interactive touchscreen interface with a traditional oscilloscope control panel allows users to transition between the two modes of operation, while a variety of communication and storage options make it easy to access large data sets.