Signal analyser and mixed signal oscilloscope

Tektronix' RSA5000 Series real time signal analyser (pictured) and MSO5000 Series mixed signal oscilloscopes are now available from Microlease, with short term rental, long term leasing, 'try before you buy' and interest free purchase options.

The RSA5000 is the latest in Tektronix' portfolio of rf test solutions, and is suitable for design and operations applications such as spectrum management, radar, electronic warfare, radio communications and EMI/EMC. It features advanced time, amplitude, and DPX trigger functions combined with swept DPX – enabling engineers to discover and capture intermittent and rapidly changing signals that may be missed by traditional spectrum analysers. Launched in December, the MSO5000 Series' features include FastAcq with a >250,000 wfm/s maximum waveform capture rate to discover elusive problems, FastFrame segmented memory acquisition and long record length to capture long time periods at high resolution. It has extensive built in tools for analysis of complex designs, and a Windows 7 based user interface. The oscilloscopes also ship with new passive probes (the TPP1000 and TPP0500 Series) which deliver bandwidths up to 1GHz and input capacitance of less than 4pF.