Wireless charging transmitter solutions

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor has released the AOZ32034AQV, a new product in the family of coil drivers for wireless charging transmitter circuits of up to 50W

Packaged in a thermally enhanced QFN 4 x 4 package, it has been designed for wireless charging applications in charging stations, cordless power tools, vacuum cleaners, drones, and other consumer electronic equipment.

The device offers a higher power rating of up to 50W compared to the previous device in this family, the AOZ32033AQI, that was intended for 30W applications.

Wireless charging circuits use a full-bridge topology with a resonant tank circuit to get the best power conversion efficiency. The AOZ32034AQV half-bridge power stage simplifies the implementation of this topology over discrete approaches.

A key feature of this product family is its ability to adjust the MOSFET gate drive using the slew rate control (SRC) pin. This allows a system designer to optimise the design by making trade-offs between EMI and efficiency. The device can be used for a wide range of input voltages from 4V to 28V.

Technical Highlights

  • Integrated Half-Bridge Power Stage and bootstrap diode with wide input voltage (4V to 28V) range enables reduced PCB size
  • Low RDS(ON) internal N-FETs for both HS/LS supports TX circuit designs of up to 50W
  • Adjustable MOSFET gate slew rate control (SRC) for an optimal trade-off between EMI and efficiency
  • Robust and Reliable with built-in protection: OTP, VCC UVLO, Bootstrap UVLO
  • Thermally enhanced QFN4x4 package