Wireless charging coils with high efficiency of up to 70%

BEC Distribution has announced the availability of two LinkCom Wireless charging coils.

Applications will include mobile phones, earphones and many other electronic devices. Two options are available: 2-Coils and 3-Coils - both products offer a very high transmission efficiency that can reach 70% ± 5%

The 2-Coils version is the Qi 10W/7.5W Wireless Charging TX Module and the 3-Coils version is the Qi 15W Twin Wireless Charging TX Module.

Both products are WPC 1.2.4 Qi compatible multi-function fixed frequency and voltage regulation wireless charging platforms. Compatible with any WPC Qi certified product, they provide fast wireless charging to Samsung mobile phones and maximum 15W power.

They adopt an intelligent identification system while the transmitter and receiver units adopt UART (Universal asynchronous receiver/ transmitter) encrypted transmission control signal which is stipulated by WPC1.2.4. The console will process the corresponding power adjustment based on the encoding of the receiving unit. The modules fulfil the WPC1.2.4 Qi requirement and are Qi certified.

LinkCom’s other product ranges include: Magnetics: Telecom: LAN, xDSL, gfast, Ghn, PLC HomePlug, Balun and voiceband transformers, CMC Power Magnetics: conventional power, planar, LLC tank and PoE transformers. EMI/RFI Filters and Automotive Magnetics: OBC and BMS applications and charging station components.