New Yorker Electronics is stocking Vishay's T24 Series SMD HI-TMP Wet Tantalum Capacitors with high operating temperatures to +200°C in the compact C case code.

Featuring a glass-to-tantalum hermetic seal and a long life rated to 2,000 hours, these capacitors offer a smaller size and footprint than equivalent through-hole and over-molded high temperature devices. The T24 series is designed to utilize board space more efficiently and deliver increased reliability for oil exploration, military and aerospace radar applications.

Measuring 9 x 7.1 x 7.4mm, these Wet Tantalum capacitors have been optimised for timing, filtering, energy hold-up and pulse power applications. They offer improved thermal shock capability to 300 cycles and provide a longer life of 2,000 hours at +200°C, eliminating the need to utilize larger through-hole devices in demanding environments.

The T24 series features 200°C de-rated voltage ratings of 45VDC and 75VDC, with capacitance values of 33µF and 10µF, respectively, and capacitance tolerance of ± 10% and ± 20% standard.

The devices can operate over a temperature range of -55°C to +85°C, up to +200°C with voltage derating and provide maximum ESR down to 2.5Ω at 120Hz and +85°C. The capacitors are RoHS-compliant and halogen-free.

Samples and production quantities of the T24 series are available now, with lead times of 10 weeks.