Versatile IP67 Sealed Interlock solution from C&K

C&K, a manufacturer of high-quality electromechanical switches, has launched a new snap switch, the SL Series sealed interlock switch.

The IP67-rated switch was developed for harsh environments commonly found in food & beverage and industrial applications. Supporting both indoor and outdoor applications, the IP67-rated potted version comes with 12" wire harness.

C&K is also offering the SL Series in a dust tight version (quick connect terminal), which is compatible with quick connect female terminals.

The SL Series snap switch can be used at low or high-power current up to 10A, and is available for AC or DC voltage applications. A flexible plunger design allows the switch to be integrated into custom applications. The SL sealed interlock door switch is versatile and suitable for a broad range of applications and can be seamlessly integrated into custom designs.

The SL Series is intended for applications like pressure fryers and PV string converters (photovoltaic)that may be exposed to harsh environments.