Ultra-thin, full-colour SMD KPGF LEDs

Kingbright has released the KPGF range of ultra-thin surface mount RGB LEDs. Available in the UK from Components Bureau, the KPGF products combine separate Green, Blue and Hyper Red light sources to produce any colour in the visible spectrum.

These compact devices with a thickness of 0.2mm are suitable for space limited applications, ranging from wearable technologies to display backlights and indicators, home appliances and office automation. With a footprint of 0.65x0.65mm, the smallest KPGF-0606 series has a viewing angle of up to 145° with brightness levels offering readability in a variety of ambient lighting conditions.

Compatible with automatic placement equipment, the KPGF range comes in reel sizes of 4000 pieces and features a moisture sensitivity level of 3. All full-colour SMD KPGF devices maintain a low forward current of 5mA during operation, are suitable for use in temperatures between -40 and 85°C and are RoHS compliant.