Ultra compact IC logic couplers

Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its range of ultra compact IC logic couplers with four new devices designed to address requirements for high speed, electrically isolated digital interfacing in a variety of industrial, automation, home appliance and measurement applications.

The TLP2403, TLP2405, TLP2408 and TLP2409 IC photocouplers are supplied in an 8pin SO8 surface mount package measuring 6.0 x 5.1 x 2.6mm. All of the devices combine a GaAlAs led with a high speed, high gain detector element and have a minimum isolation voltage rating of 3750Vrms. The TLP2403 is a Darlington IC photocoupler in which the detector chip is integrated with a transistor amplifier. It is designed for applications that require high speed data transfer with very low input drives. According to Toshiba, an input current of 0.5mA delivers a current transfer ratio of at least 400% and the coupler is rated for speeds of up to 100kb/s. Common mode transient immunity is rated at ±0.5kV/µs. In addition, the TLP2405 (logic buffer output) and TLP2408 (inverter output) IC couplers feature an integrated detector that has a totem pole output stage with current sourcing and sinking capabilities. Both devices are optimised to achieve data rates of up to 5Mb/s and feature a low input threshold current of 1.6mA (max). According to the company, internal Faraday shields provide a guaranteed common mode transient immunity rating of ±15kV/µs. Lastly, the TLP2409 has a typical data transfer rate of 1Mbps and can operate across an extended temperature range of -55 to 125°C. Common mode transient immunity is rated at ±10kV/µs and the device features an open collector output. The TLP2403 has an operating voltage range of -0.5V to 18V, while the TLP2409 is optimised to operate from -0.5V to 30V. Both the TLP2405 and TLP2408 are rated for input voltages of 4.5V to 20V.