Type-C Power Delivery high voltage sink protection switch

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor have introduced a Type-C Power Delivery high voltage sink protection switch that uses diode methodology for reverse current protection.

The AOZ13984DI-02 and AOZ13987DI-02 are smart protection switches in a single small thermally enhanced 3mm x 3mm DFN package and use AOS’s advanced co-packaging technology, combining a high-performance IC with protection features and our latest high SOA Trench MOSFET. These devices offer low RDS(ON) (20mohm) back-to-back MOSFETs to block any reverse current under fault conditions and are capable of up to 28V absolute maximum voltage.

Typically, a USB Type-C port adaptor supplies 5V at plug-in. Once plugged in, the client device negotiates a higher voltage for fast charging - the rise time for VBUS voltage from 5V to the final target value is very slow per the USB standard. Typical Type C protection switch designs that rely on a comparator to detect a voltage drop across the back-to-back power switches do not work with slow rising VBUS voltages and are susceptible to system-level faults.

Because of this, robust system designs implement an ideal diode approach. Typically, such solutions were implemented discretely and require many external components and lack protection features that are possible with an integrated circuit-based approach.

The AOZ13987DI-02 and AOZ13984DI-02 feature Ideal Diode True Reverse Current Blocking (IDTRCB), allowing no reverse current at any conditions. They also feature 28V absolute maximum voltage with startup SOA management and other protections.