Toshiba photorelays feature maximum turn on time of only 0.25ms

Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced the TLP3476S, a new photorelay with a maximum turn-on time of 0.25ms.

This turn-on time is a 50% reduction over the company’s existing TLP3475S photorelay and enables greatly improved switching capabilities.

Available in an S-VSON4T package, it comprises a photo-MOSFET which is optically coupled with an infrared (IR) LED. With an on-state resistance of just 1.5Ω (maximum), this device delivers a 0.4A on-state current. It supports a 500Vrms isolation voltage.

The TLP3476S takes up 1.45mm × 2.0mm of board space, as compared to the 60mm2 normally required by a mechanical relay. Switching power is in the order of 0.1mW, as opposed to the 100mW required to cause mechanical devices to switch. An operational temperature range of -40˚C to 110˚C is supported.

Applications for the TLP3476S include semiconductor tester equipment (high-speed memory testers, high-speed logic testers, etc.), probe cards and other types of measurement instrumentation.