Toshiba launches high-current 4-channel H-bridge motor driver IC

Toshiba Electronics has launched a new 4-channel H-bridge motor driver IC that delivers up to 3.5A and 40V. The TB67H452FTG is intended for the rapidly growing consumer market.

As consumer products become portable and battery-powered, there is a growing need for motors that require high drive currents with low supply voltage such as electric tools, surveillance cameras and small domestic robots. The voltage and current ratings of the TB67H452FTG are intended to drive motors in these types of applications.

The 4-channel IC can simultaneously drive up to four brushed motors or, in stepping motor mode, can drive two stepping motors simultaneously. Designers also have the flexibility to drive two brushed motors and one stepping motor at the same time. When operating in stepping motor mode, the device can provide full, half and quarter step resolutions.

A low on-resistance of less than 0.6Ω ensures efficient operation in all applications. This already low figure can be further reduced to 0.3Ω in applications that require the ultimate efficiency by combining H-bridges. Efficient operation is further enhanced by a built-in sleep mode that reduces power consumption during standby.

The TB67H452FTG has additional built-in error detection functionality including over temperature detection, overcurrent detection and low voltage detection, thereby ensuring safe operation at all times.

Housed in a QFN48 package that measures just 7.0 mm x 7.0 mm x 0.9 mm, the new IC is suited to modern applications where space is at a premium.