Toshiba introduces a new size-reduced MOSFET gate driver

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced the launch of an ultra-low capacitance TVS diode.

The product will be used to protect electronic components such as semiconductors from static electricity and noise while suppressing signal quality deterioration within high-frequency antennas used for electronic equipment. As such, the product will be used in a wide range of electronic equipment, including mobile devices.

The DF2B6M4BSL TVS diode features a total capacitance of just 0.12pF (0.15pF max.), which is the lowest for any such Toshiba device, representing an (approximate) 25% reduction in capacitance when compared to the existing Toshiba product (DF2B6M4ASL).

Within high-frequency antennas for radio communications such as Wi-Fi, the original signal quality must be kept, by avoiding any harmonic distortion caused by the added TVS diode capacitance. The DF2B6M4BSL with its ultra-low capacitance shows a very fast response in suppressing high voltage spikes without affecting the original data signal quality.

When the DF2B6M4BSL is used at 5.0GHz, a common frequency in Wi-Fi applications, with a 20dBm input, the second harmonic is -64.7dB while the third is -55.5dB. The device is therefore suitable for ESD protection of high-frequency antennas.