Toshiba introduces 2-in-1 MOSFETs for load switching in mobile devices

Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced two new 2-in-1 MOSFETs: the SSM6L61NU and SSM6N61NU. Both are housed in compact SOT-1118 (UDFN6) packages and feature improved levels of heat dissipation and low drain-source ON-resistance [RDS(ON)=25 mO (typ.) @N-ch, VGS=4.5 V].

According to the company these features make these devices suitable for use as power management switches and DC-DC converters in a wide variety of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

The SSM6L61NU and SSM6N61NU can also be used in battery management applications and for load switching in applications with USB Type-C interfaces.

With N-ch ON-resistance of 25 mO, these MOSFETs are able to contribute to reduced power loss in power supplies and extend the operation time of battery-driven devices. The SSM6L61NU is a complementary device and the SSM6N61NU is a dual N-ch device. When used in applications with USB Type-C interfaces the SSM6L61NU and SSM6N61NU can be placed between the Vout (output voltage) from the power management IC and system-on-a-chip (SoC), or in other parts of the circuitry.

Measuring just 2mm x 2mm, these small packets are able to improve the power dissipation rating (PD=1 W) and reduce the footprint of the MOSFETs by 50 percent, when compared with those housed in a PS-8 package.