Toshiba announces three MCUs optimised for USB devices

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched three microcontrollers (MCUs) optimised for use in USB devices. The TMPM066FWUG, TMPM067FWQG, and TMPM068FWXBG are the latest additions to Toshiba’s ARM Cortex-M0 core based TX00 series and feature integrated USB controllers.

The MCUs feature 128Kbyte of Flash memory and 16Kbyte of SRAM and have been designed for use in a variety of applications in mobile devices, such as tablets, laptop PCs, office automation equipment, industrial controllers and sensor hubs. They support various serial interface functions, including USB, SPI and a Fast Mode Plus standard I2C with a transfer rate of up to 1Mbps.

The built-in USB device controllers enable the implementation of simplified USB device control and management. They are also said to be capable of functioning as sensor hubs, transferring sensor information to a main controller device or PC.

The three MCUs are provided in compact packages to meet the demands for ICs to fit into smaller and slimmer electronic devices. The TMPM066FWUG is housed in a 64-pin QFP package measuring 10 × 10mm; the TMPM067FWQG in a 48-pin 7 × 7mm QFN package; and the TMPM068FWXBG in a BGA package measuring 5 × 5mm.