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Toshiba debuts ARM Cortex-M4 mcus

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced the TMPM440 series of ARM Cortex-M4 microcontrollers.

Targeted at applications including digital cameras, audio equipment and sensor/detection systems, the devices integrate a floating point unit and a programmable servo/sequencer controller to perform processing functions such as filtering and arithmetic. The mcus are available with 768 or 1024KB of Nano Flash-100 memory and 64KB of sram. Additional on board functionality includes a 6 channel dma controller; 20 channel 12bit a/d converter; 2 channel 10 bit d/a converter; two 16bit timers; a 32bit timer; a watchdog timer; and a real time clock. The TMPM440 devices are supplied in a 289pin 11 x 11mm TFBGA package offering 228 general purpose I/O ports. They operate from a single 2.7 to 3.6V supply.