Toshiba Electronics Europe has extended its line-up of single channel brushed DC motor driver ICs, enhancing product sourcing possibilities and adding convenient non-latching overcurrent detection.

The B67H451FNG IC can drive brushed DC motors and supports numerous applications including battery powered devices and other devices with a 5V USB power supply. It is also suitable for use with many 12-36V industrial devices, home appliances such as coffee machines and robotic vacuum cleaners, fiscal printers, and electronic door locks that require a high-current drive of up to 3.5A.

It is capable of operating from a wide range of input voltages, from 4.5V to 44V. The maximum motor drive output current is 3A at 44V and several protection mechanisms are built-in to the device including undervoltage lock out (UVLO), auto-return thermal shut down and non-latching overcurrent protection (OCP).

OCP is a safety function that prevents damage to the IC by turning off the output when the output current exceeds the pre-set threshold level.

Toshiba’s current solution (TB67H450FNG) features a latching overcurrent detection, where output is turned off indefinitely until a power cycle or entering and leaving the standby mode. With the TB67H451FNG it is non-latching and resumes function automatically after a programmable recovery time once the overcurrent condition is removed.

Toshiba has also optimised the TB67H451FNG standby current consumption by a power supply circuit, which allows automatic transitions from STOP mode moving to STANDBY mode and turns off the VCC regulator for the internal circuit operation. That helps home appliances to cut standby energy consumption and improves the battery life of battery powered devices.

Housed in a 4.9mm×6.0mm surface-mount type HSOP8 package, the IC achieves space saving and yet good heat dissipation through the package thermal pad design..