TE unveils new thermal bridge solution

TE Connectivity (TE) is introducing its thermal bridge technology that can provide up to two times better thermal resistance over traditional thermal technologies such as gap pads or thermal pads.

As systems like servers, switches and routers deliver higher speeds and grow more sophisticated, their power requirements are rising, leading to a need for new solutions that can handle more heat. TE’s thermal bridge solution offers superior thermal resistance, better reliability and durability, and allows for easier system serviceability than other comparable products on the market.

Optimised for input/output (I/O) applications using cold plates with liquid cooling or heat pipes, ganged heatsinks or direct chassis conduction applications with little to no airflow, these thermal bridge solutions feature a near-zero plate gap in the bridge construction for substantially improved thermal transfer and minimal levels of compression.

In addition, the solution delivers long-lasting and consistent thermal performance with an elastic compression design that is resistant to set or relaxation over time. This feature also helps to reduce component replacement during system servicing.

The thermal bridge comes pre-assembled on the I/O cage and features an interleaved series of plates that allows heat to pass from the I/O module to the cooling area, while providing the necessary normal force, which is built into the thermal bridge.

TE’s thermal bridge solutions are currently available for sample in SFP+, QSFP28 and QSFP-DD form factors.