Tailor-made packaging of fibre-optic cables

METZ CONNECT has expanded its portfolio of fibre-optic cable (FO) products with pre-packaged fibre-optic installation cables.

These pre-configured installation cables (PCICs) are FO cables equipped at one or both ends with connectors and are configured under the OpDAT brand to customer specifications which defined length of cable, connector combination and number of fibres.

The OpDAT PCIC universal cable with between 4 and 48 fibres is suitable for demanding mechanical applications both inside and outside buildings, the cabling inside computer centres and the cabling of industrial areas. PCIC universal cables are claimed to facilitate point-to-point connection of passive and active network components. This is said to reduce the installation time and costs of an installation when compared against splices and pigtails or cabling with individual lines.

OpDAT PCIC mini-breakout cables with 4, 12 and 24 fibres are also suitable for use indoors as well as outdoors and are also used in combination with OpDAT patch fields as well as for connection to OpDAT sockets. OpDAT PCIC mini-breakout cables are used in building backbone (floor dividers), Fibre-To-The-Desk cabling or for the cabling of computer centres.

Both cable variants are used with fanout protection and, where necessary, also with pull-in aids for pulling fibre-optic cables through cable ducts or cable shafts.