KSMA fibre optic connector system available

OMC has announced that its Keyed SMA (KSMA) fibre optic system is now available in all of its standard SMA diode housings.

The KSMA connector and diode receptacle system for OMC’s fibre optic transmitters and receivers deliver the rotational consistency of a keyed connector combined with the security and reliability of the SMA connector, says OMC.

The all-metal design provides a robust connector that suits multiple applications, including industrial and consumer, transportation, medical, aerospace, petrochemical and power distribution.

OMC’s KSMA connector system features a mechanical keyway mechanism that eliminates any rotational variation when a cable is mated to the transmitter or receiver, while also featuring the same secure hexagonal lock-nut fixing found in OMC’s standard SMA connector.

The lock-nut ensures that the optical fibre is held firmly in place, unlike spring-loaded connectors which can allow the fibre to move and change the attenuation of the link if the cable is subjected to any tension.

It is available in H1 Bulkhead Housing, H22 PCB Mount SMA Housing, H3 Single Hole Rear Fitting Panel Mount, H11 Single Hole Front Fitting Panel Mount, as well as the new VSMA (Vertical SMA) and HDMSA (high density SMA) device receptacles.