Step-down regulator delivers 92% efficiency at 2MHz

Analog Devices, which recently acquired Linear Technology, has announced the LT8606, a 350mA, 42V input synchronous step-down switching regulator.

The regulator delivers 92% efficiency while switching at 2MHz, enabling designers to avoid critical noise-sensitive frequency bands, such as AM radio.

Burst Mode operation keeps quiescent current under 3µA in no-load standby conditions. It is also said to maintain high efficiency at low output currents while keeping output ripple below 10mVP-P.

With a 3.0V to 42V input voltage range, the LT8606 is suitable for automotive applications which must regulate through cold-crank and stop-start scenarios.

According to the company, the internal 650mA switches deliver up to 350mA of continuous output current and a minimum dropout voltage of only 175mV (at 300mA) is maintained under all conditions.

Spread spectrum frequency modulation and special design techniques offer low EMI operation, enabling it to meet CISPR25, Class 5 EMI limits required by many automotive and industrial applications.

Furthermore, a fast minimum on-time of only 45ns enables 2MHz constant frequency switching from a 16V input to a 1.5V output.

The LT8606 uses internal top and bottom high efficiency power switches with the necessary boost diode, oscillator, control and logic circuitry integrated into a single die.

Additional features:

  • 2MHz synchronous operation:more than 92% efficiency at 0.35A, 12VIN to 5VOUT
  • Adjustable and synchronisable: 200kHz to 2.2MHz
  • Allows use of small inductors
  • Peak current mode operation
  • Accurate 1V enable pin threshold
  • Internal compensation
  • Output soft-start and tracking
  • 2 x 2mm 8-Lead DFN or 10-Lead MSOP Package