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Sony performance-enhanced camera block now commercially available

Sony ISS’S next generation FCB-EV9520L camera block - based on the company’s 2MP Starvis 2 colour image sensor - has now gone into full-scale production.

This 1/2.8” unit has a strong feature set and supports full HD (1080p/60) resolution. It has a wide dynamic range, plus 30x optical zoom and a 64° horizontal viewing angle. Due to the innovative cell structure employed, this camera block delivers elevated levels of sensitivity.

The photodiode layer in each cell is much deeper than for conventional optoelectronic arrangements - resulting in extended light path length and accentuating the absorption efficiency of longer wavelengths. As a result, the camera has better near-infra-red (NIR) performance and is capable of working in ultra-low light conditions - 0.009lx, or even 0.00008lx when IR cut-filter removal (ICR) is activated.

The FCB-EV9520L can simultaneously zoom and focus. A proprietary algorithm ensures that defocusing during such operations is minimised. Another key differentiator that this camera block has is its image stabilisation functionality. When in Super mode, it can produce high-quality video content even when exposed to intense vibrations. By having a significantly wider correction area than other cameras offer, blur is much better suppressed. Super+ mode allows image stability to be attained while still supporting full HD output, by further increasing the correction area.

The FCB-EV9520L can be used in a wide variety of applications, including infrastructure inspection work, surveillance/security, livestock monitoring and aquaculture. It has particular value in providing visual data to help with controlling aerial drones, underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and automated mobile robots (AMRs).

Each of these block cameras has an LVDS interface incorporated for easy system integration.