Smiths Connectors introduces Vortex Connector series

Smiths Connectors has unveiled the Vortex Connector system comprising of high pressure, high temperature connectors specifically designed for MWD, LWD and wireline applications.

The series provides protection of critical electronics in harsh environments, typically found in Oil and Gas applications, and allows customers to exploit more demanding geographies and geologies with deeper drilling and fracking capabilities.

The Vortex features a single way connector and a mating boot kit which uses the company’s Hypertac hyperboloid contact technology to offer protection at high operating temperature and pressure conditions (200°C / 35K PSI) with high resistance to shock and vibration.

The constant wiping action of the hyperboloid contact ensures lower heat build-up which acts to increase battery life. Designed with signal integrity in mind it provides higher data resolution with more data output per hour providing the opportunity to improve the efficiency of the drilling operation and reducing overall system cost.

These features also lead to increased meantime between failure and lower maintenance costs.