Smart home solution with ZigBee and Thread-ready connectivity

Silicon Labs has introduced a series of comprehensive reference designs that are claimed to reduce time to market and simplify the development of ZigBee-based home automation, connected lighting and smart gateway products.

The new reference designs include the hardware, firmware and software tools that developers need to create interoperable, scalable, feature-rich connected home products based on Silicon Labs’ ZigBee ‘Golden Unit’ Home Automation software stack and ZigBee system-on-chip mesh networking technology.

Silicon Labs’ reference designs have been created to reduce the complexity of connecting ZigBee devices, such as lights, dimmer switches and door/window contact sensors, in a connected home network. This design simplicity is said to translate into ease of use for consumers who are increasingly purchasing ‘do-it-yourself’ connected home products.

The ZigBee-based home automation reference designs include a capacitive-sense dimmable light switch and a small-form-factor door/window contact sensor. The light switch provides colour, colour tuning and dimming control capabilities via a mobile device that traditional switches cannot achieve. These wireless, battery-powered switches have no moving parts and can be placed anywhere in a home. The switch design features Silicon Labs’ EFM8 capacitive sensing MCU to detect different user gestures.