Silicon Labs, Signify and Philips Hue look to advance smart lighting

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Silicon Labs and Signify are collaborating on an extension of the Friends of Hue program, enabling ecosystem partners to develop smart light switches for Philips Hue systems.

Silicon Labs is providing the Zigbee cluster libraries, software tools, reference application and technical expertise to help participating companies certified by the Friends of Hue program quickly design and produce light switch products with the Philips Hue smart lighting system.

The Friends of Hue ecosystem enables third-party vendors and brands to build certified, interoperable smart lighting products that integrate seamlessly with Philips Hue, a leading Zigbee-based smart lighting solution.

Silicon Labs has worked closely with Signify, a leader in lighting, to define the Zigbee cluster and provide compliant software to enable advanced light switch functionality. For example, a user-friendly setup in the Philips Hue app and deployment of firmware updates through the Hue cloud.

“We believe smart lighting should be accessible to everyone, and convenient smart light control via the light switch is a key part of this vision,” said Duncan McCue, Head of Partnerships, Signify.

When end users turn off smart lights using legacy wall switches, the lights are powered off and cannot be controlled using apps, voice commands, schedules or sensors. Friends of Hue switches enable reliable Hue smart lighting control directly from wall switches, keeping the Hue lights “always-ready” while providing a familiar interface.

The Silicon Lab SDK has also been designed to offer variety, with a range of smart light switch designs and compatible switches for Philips Hue users available.