Single-chip load switch ICs reduce system power consumption

Toshiba has launched three single-chip load switch ICs, the TCK106AF, TCK107AF and TCK108AF. Integrating high performance chips in an industry-standard SOT-25 package, the ICs combine on-resistance ratings down to 63mO and low typical quiescent currents of 110nA with low loss, low standby current and high performance switching characteristics.

Fabricated using a CMOS process that combines an output transistor and an output driver, the new single-chip IC load switches provide a smaller footprint than switches composed of multiple discrete components, suiting them to space-critical applications. The TCK106AF, TCK107AF and TCK108AF help reduce power consumption in devices such as industrial tablets, M2M modules and other portable battery operated equipment.

Additionally, with integrated slew rate control drivers and low on-resistance P-ch MOSFETs and N-ch MOSFETs, Toshiba’s load switch ICs are claimed to reduce system power consumption via power supply distribution or power supply control for each function block. They are said to allow for low-leakage load switching, while maintaining a low on-resistance. All three ICs are housed in a general-purpose SOT-package measuring 2.9 × 2.8 x 1.1mm.