Silego Technology has released a family of high-performance, GFET3 integrated power switches. Operating from 2.5 to 5.5V supplies, these single-channel GFET3 nFET integrated power switches are designed for all high-side, 0.8 to 5.5V power rail applications.

These feature-rich integrated power switches are said to maintain a stable 4mO RDSON across the applied input voltage range and over temperature. Applying Silego’s proprietary CuFET technology, the products are packaged in low thermal-resistance, 4mm2 footprints for high-current operation.

The SLG59M1714V – the flagship of the four products – incorporates a 15mO, back-to-back reverse block nFET arrangement for those applications where Vout-to-Vin backfeed current to the Vin power source is to be avoided. In addition, the SLG59M1714V’s Iout feature offers system BOM cost/PCB savings by eliminating the need for an external current shunt resistor, a difference/level-shifting amplifier and associated passive components to measure directly FET current.

Designed to operate over a -40 to 85°C range, all four products are available in RoHS-compliant STQFN-16 packaging and feature inrush current control, FET current monitoring, two-level current limiting and thermal shutdown protection.