Semtech introduces Tri-Edge transmitters

Semtech, a supplier of high-performance analogue and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, has introduced the Tri-Edge GN2555 and GN2556.

These ICs are a part of Semtech’s Tri-Edge clock and data recovery (CDR) transmitter solutions to enable next-generation data centre long reach (LR) optical links.

The GN2555 is a quad channel PAM4 CDR with integrated directly modulated laser (DML) drivers and the GN2556 is a quad channel PAM4 CDR with integrated externally modulated laser (EML) drivers. The GN2555 and GN2556 are fully compliant to IEEE 802.3bs and Open Eye MSA specifications.

The GN2555 and GN2556 ICs are based on Semtech’s Tri-Edge PAM4 CDR technology. The Integration of the CDRs and drivers offers lower power consumption as well as reduced size and lower costs for our optical module customers.

In addition, the GN2555 DML drivers as well as the GN2556 EML drivers offer proprietary laser compensation to enable a wide range of low-cost laser options for data centre interconnects.

The Tri-Edge GN2555 and GN2556 are vailable for sampling and can be paired with the Tri-Edge GN2559S receiver for a complete 200G FR4/LR4 solution.

Semtech offers complete reference design kits (RDK) for the solutions to enable rapid adoption.

Semtech’s Tri-Edge CDR portfolio for data centres includes:

  • GN2558: PAM4 4x56G CDR + VCSEL Driver
  • GN2559: PAM4 4x56G CDR + TIA
  • GN2538: PAM4 2x56G CDR + VCSEL Driver
  • GN2539: PAM4 2x56G CDR + TIA
  • GN2559S: New Low Power Quad PAM4 CDR Receiver with integrated TIA