Samsung launches SSD 990 EVO offering improved performance and efficiency

Samsung Electronics has released the SSD 990 EVO — the newest addition to the company’s line up of consumer SSDs — delivering enhanced performance with significantly improved energy efficiency.

The NVMe SSD is designed to enhance a variety of computing experiences including gaming, work and video/photo editing and includes a number of new features and benefits, pushing beyond the previous 970 EVO Plus model. These include:

Enhanced performance: The 990 EVO offers enhanced performance of up to 43% compared to the previous model, 970 EVO Plus. Sequential read speeds come up to 5,000 megabytes-per-second (MB/s) and write speeds up to 4,200 MB/s. Random read and write speeds also get a boost with up to 700K input/output operations per second (IOPS) and 800K IOPS, respectively.

Host memory buffering:  Using Host Memory Buffer (HMB) technology to directly link to the host processor’s DRAM, the SSD can achieve optimized performance even with a DRAM-less design. Users upgrading from previous mainstream SSDs will experience significantly faster loading speeds for games and swift access to large files.

Improved power efficiency and smart thermal solution: The Samsung 990 EVO improves power efficiency of up to 70% when compared to the 970 EVO Plus, allowing users extended usage on laptops without the constant concern for battery life. It also supports Modern Standby, which enables an instant on/off function with uninterrupted internet connectivity and seamless notification reception, even in low-power states.

The 990 EVO’s heat spreader label effectively regulates the thermal condition of the NAND chip, allowing operations to consistently run at their highest levels without compromising drive integrity.

A versatile SSD for current and future computing: The 990 EVO is a versatile SSD created to meet current computing needs and in anticipation of future requirements. Users can experience seamless multitasking with a single SSD that caters to the demands of everyday such as gaming, business and creative workflow. Supporting both PCIe 4.0 x4 and PCIe 5.0 x2 interfaces, the 990 EVO fits the needs for today’s PCs supporting PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots while it also offers compatibility along with thermal control and power savings for PCIe 5.0 interfaces in upcoming applications. The 990 EVO comes in 1 terabyte (TB) and 2TB capacity options.

Samsung magician software support: Samsung Magician software presents a suite of optimisation tools for enhanced functionality for all Samsung SSDs, including the 990 EVO. Users can streamline the data migration process for SSD upgrades effortlessly and securely.

In addition, Samsung Magician protects valuable data, monitors drive health and notifies timely firmware updates.