Rugged IP67 & IP68 USB-C connectors from Live Electronics

Live Electronics has unveiled its latest range of rugged waterproof USB-C connectors.

Manufactured by GT Contact, these connectors meet IP67 and IP68 specifications, are available with tough thermoplastic (IP67) or metal (IP68) housings, and in a choice of panel mount, cable mount or cable to cable (in-line) versions.   


The USB-C connectors have been designed for use in a wide range of demanding industrial and process applications, from oil and gas, marine and transport, to power generation, industrial controls and robotics or automation systems.


The connectors incorporate screw or bayonet twist and lock couplings, for 16mm panel cut-outs. Metal versions feature high quality nickel-plated zinc-alloy bodies, with gold-plated stainless-steel connector housings and gold-plated copper-alloy contacts for optimum signal integrity and long-term reliability.


Panel mount versions can be supplied as DIP pin or be pre-wired with USB-C plug or socket terminations, while rear potting ensures that system electronics are fully protected, even when the USB-C connector is unmated or the optional sealing cap is removed.  Data transfer speeds are typically up to 10Gbps and operating temperatures are from -40°C to +85°C.