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Power Integrations launches gate drivers for 62 mm SiC and IGBT modules

Power Integrations has announced a new family of plug-and-play gate drivers for 62 mm silicon-carbide (SiC) MOSFET and silicon IGBT modules rated up to 1700 V.

With enhanced protection features to ensure safe, reliable operation the SCALE-2 2SP0230T2x0 dual-channel gate drivers deploy short-circuit protection in less than two microseconds, protecting the compact SiC MOSFETs against damaging over-currents.

The new drivers also include advanced active clamping (AAC) to protect the switches against over-voltage during turn-off, enabling higher DC link operating voltages.

Intended for applications such as railway auxiliary converters, offboard EV chargers and STATic synchronous COMpensator (STATCOM) voltage regulators for the power grid, 2SP0230T2x0 gate drivers are based on Power Integrations' SCALE-2 technology, resulting in higher levels of integration, smaller size, more functionality and enhanced system reliability. 

The compact 134 x 62 mm 2SP0230T2x0 provides reinforced isolation at 1700 V, enabling use for up to 1700 V operation; this is 500 V higher than conventional drivers, which are typically limited to 1200 V.

SCALE-2 2SP0230T2x0 plug-and-play gate drivers are available for sampling now.