Power controllers for high side power rail applications

Mixed signal component developer Silego Technology has expanded its integrated power controller portfolio with a family of devices designed for high side, 4.5V to 24V power rail applications.

Based on Silego’s MOSFET design IP, three of the devices are said to feature a stable RDSon figure of 13.3mO, not only across a wide input/supply voltage range, but also with temperature.

Four devices are currently available in the SLG59H100xV family. The 1005V has a Vin ranging from 4.5 to 22V, an RDSon of 53 mO and reverse current blocking. The 1006V and 1007V have the same input voltage range, but the RDSon of 13.3mO. Finally, the 1008V has a Vin of 12 or 24V and an RDSon of 13.3mO.

With a footprint of 4.8 mm² footprint and low thermal resistance for high current operation, the HFET1 products are said to integrate high performance nFET structures, charge pumps, multiple protection and control circuits.

Designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -40C to 85°C, the power control switches also feature automatic nFET SOA protection, pin programmable overvoltage and undervoltage lockout windows, fixed and capacitor programmable inrush current control, fixed and resistor programmable current limit, short circuit current, thermal shutdown and fast Vout discharge.

Potential applications include high voltage power rail switching and 12, 15, and 20V point of load power distribution.