NVIDIA AI car supercomputer first to market with embedded security built into hardware layer

Marvell says it has achieved an industry first, with the release of its 88Q5050 secure automotive Ethernet switch which is integrated into the NVIDIA DRIVE Pegasus platform for autonomous vehicles.

This is the first commercially available solution with embedded security built into the core, Marvell claims.

According to Marvell, its secure switch can handle multi-gigabit applications for OEM car manufacturers to deliver an in-car network that supports sensor fusion, cameras, safety and diagnostics. It also supports both blacklisting and whitelisting addresses on all its Ethernet ports. The embedded security technology employs a deep packet inspection engine and trusted boot functionality to prevent vehicles from cyber-attacks.

The NVIDIA DRIVE Pegasus computing platform has been designed to handle Level 5 driverless vehicles and compute over 320 trillion operations per second. The platform is said to combine deep learning, sensor fusion, and surround vision to understand what’s happening around the vehicle in real-time.

Marvell adds that its 88Q5050 layer 2 managed secure IP switch enables the fast and safe transmission of this data for next generation connected vehicles.