NINA-B3 series now qualified for Bluetooth 5

u-blox;s NINA-B3 series is now qualified for all Bluetooth 5 features (including long range).

With NINA-B3's Bluetooth 5 support, Bluetooth long range qualification and worldwide certifications, u-blox says its customers can open new markets with innovative applications, further shorten time to market and make more efficient use of their engineering teams. The NINA-B3 wireless MCU module also brings access to u-blox’s Connectivity Software.

NINA-B3 offers developers the choice of either working with the open CPU architecture or using the pre-flashed u-blox Connectivity Software, in which the latest Bluetooth low energy standard can be added to the end-product without any specialised knowledge of embedded programming or Bluetooth low energy.

By combining – in open CPU architecture – a powerful core and versatile I/O with Bluetooth low energy long range connectivity, high data transfer rates, Bluetooth mesh and 802.15.4, NINA-B3 is ideal for use in smart buildings, healthcare, smart cities, Industry 4.0, automotive and transportation.