Nicomatic launches DBMM Series micro connectors

Nicomatic, a manufacturer of high performance interconnect systems, has unveiled the DBMM hi-rel connector range.

The DBMM Series combine Nicomatic’s 2mm pitch metal DMM connectors with a completely new design of integrated backshell to provide 360 degree EMI shielding in an ultra-compact form factor. The DBMM Series is intended for applications where space and weight are at a premium, such as missile systems, military aircraft and radar systems.

These connectors conform to MIL-DTL-83513G performance specifications and allow designers a wide choice of contact arrangements compared to other mil-spec connectors such as Micro-D or Sub-D. Contacts can be signal (LF), power (HP) and coax (HF), with hundreds of thousands of different combinations possible.

The DBMM range with its new backshell measures only 15mm in depth compared to a standard backshell plus separate DMM connector, which measures 35mm in depth in the smallest available combination. As well as its ultra-compact form factor, the range is extremely lightweight. Easier handling is another advantage, which is specially important in critical hi-rel applications. A further advantage is the lower price point of the DBMM Range compared to DMM connectors with separate mono or split backshells.

Two models are currently available in the new DBMM Series: the DBMM220 with 4 to 32 signal (LF), power (HP) or coax (HF) contacts, and the DBMM320 which offers between 6 and 48 (LF), power (HP) or coax (HF) contacts.

Both models are available for straight to cable fix in either male or female orientation with D53B jackscrews.