New single-position terminal blocks from CUI Devices

CUI Devices’ Interconnect Group has announced a new range of single-position terminal blocks with blue, green, red, white, and yellow colour options that can be intermixed to create colour-coded wire connections.

Credit: CUI Devices

The TBL-0014-750, TBL-0015-750, TBL-0016-1000 series are screwless terminal blocks featuring either a push-in spring or lever-actuated connection style for simplified wire termination, pitches of 7.50 mm or 10 mm, and 1 to 6 position options.

These screwless terminal block receptacles support wire gauges ranging from 24 to 8 AWG and operating temperature ranges from -40 to 105°C.

Available in horizontal (TBL-0015-750 / TBL-0016-1000) or vertical (TBL-0014-750) orientations, the terminal block models carry UL current ratings of 40 or 51 A and IEC current ratings of 41 or 76 A as well as UL voltage ratings of 600 Vdc and IEC voltage ratings of 800 or 1000 Vdc.

The TBL-0014-750, TBL-0015-750, TBL-0016-1000 models are now available.