New multi-band PIM analyser

Link Microtek is making available a new PIM analyser that can measure the passive intermodulation (PIM) distortion of a device over four different frequency bands in a single pass, eliminating the need to connect/disconnect the DUT (device under test) to a separate instrument for each band. As a result there is a major reduction in the overall test time and a significant increase in test throughput.

The AWT Global PEM42A rack-mount PIM analyser comprises a master control-and-switching unit, up to four frequency modules covering bands from 385 to 2690MHz, and an integrated Keysight E5072A network analyser for carrying out S-parameter measurements such as return loss and insertion loss. Both PIM and S-parameters can be measured without changing the physical connection to the DUT.

According to Link QA and R&D departments will find the PEM42A system suitable for testing the low-PIM cables, components and antennas that are increasingly being specified for telecommunications networks in order to tackle performance issues such as signal degradation, low data-transmission rates and dropped calls, all of which can result from PIM distortion.

With a noise floor of less than -135dBm, the new system performs both reverse and forward PIM measurements accurately, achieving a reverse PIM of less than -165dBc and forward PIM of less than -163dBc. RF signal power is adjustable over the range 20 to 44dBm as standard, with a frequency stability of 2ppm and an amplitude accuracy of +/-0.65dB. Overall measurement accuracy is specified as +/-1.0dB.

The PEM42A comes with a 10.2inch touch-screen display and offers one LAN, one GPIB and six USB interface ports, together with a video output for connecting a separate monitor to the system.