NanoRF Edge Launch connector offers increased performance

TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced the NanoRF Edge Launch connector, the only solution that can integrate the RF above an optical interconnect for military and radar RF embedded computing applications.

The connector has been designed to meet the rigorous requirements of VITA 67.3 to provide a simple and standardised interface with VPX plug-in computing modules including RF switches, tuners, software-defined radios and other embedded computing systems.

The NanoRF Edge Launch connector reduces space requirements, which eliminates the need for cables and results in a more rugged product. This smaller size comes without sacrificing performance, providing high density and high frequency up to 70Ghz. The NanoRF’s bullet adapter reduces tolerances and helps to allow for decreased mating force, which is required for stacked boards.

TE’s NanoRF connector is configurable for different sizes and contact counts to ensure it supports VITA 67.3 interface for VPX industry standard implementations or custom applications. This provides customers access to industry standard products with VPX, SOSA compliance to support their plug-in computing modules.