Murata adds new capabilities to its id-Bridge RFID solution

Murata has launched its id-Bridge suite 4.0., an advanced web-based platform designed to enable end-to-end management of RFID systems on any scale.

The platform is able to take care of the acquisition, conditioning, aggregation and interpretation of data from tagged items so that this can subsequently be used to make better-informed strategic decisions.

Via the intuitive dashboard feature, operatives can gain a detailed overview of processes and physical product movements. They can also refer to predetermined KPIs to check that targets are being met. The direction of movement for tagged items can be determined, making supply flows simple for operatives to understand.

The id-Bridge suite 4.0 is applicable for a wide array of different use cases, avoiding the need for customers to construct a bespoke system from scratch. The RFID management platform is straightforward to implement and maintain, as well as being configurable to meet specific requirements. The platform can run on a local server or be connected to the cloud in order to obtain data from multiple site locations.

The middleware employed means that acquired RFID data can be utilised by customers’ existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This can be achieved through both standard and dedicated APIs, sharing of database tables, or text file sharing. There is also the capacity for the system to write data entries directly into blockchain distributed ledgers.

Among the places that will be able to benefit from the id-Bridge suite 4.0 are retail stores and outlets, distribution centres and warehouses, hospitals, transportation networks, pharmaceutical suppliers and food suppliers.