Multi-position M12 panel mount connectors

binder, the circular connector specialist, has released a number of new rectangular-flange M12 connectors with multi-position, lockable A-coding.

The two-piece M12 panel mount connectors have been developed to simplify secure sensor/actuator connections, in applications such as factory automation and robotics.

binder offers various A-coded M12 connectors as part of its 763 product series, which are equipped with a square-flange housing for assembly.

The square-flange variants of the 763 series generally consist of two parts: the metal flange housing and a contact carrier. The latter is equipped with a lockable coding nose that can be rotated in 45° increments. The two-part design supports user-friendly, safe assembly in practice.

The rectangular-flange M12 connectors with multi-position, lockable A-coding are specified for a maximum wire gauge of 0.25 mm2 (AWG 24). In all 4-pin and 5-pin versions, the rated currents reach 4 A (3 A UL), 2 A (1,5 A UL) with 8.

The rated voltages are 250V (4-pin), 60V (5-pin) and 30V (8-pin). The corresponding rated impulse voltages are specified as 2500V, 1500V and 800V, respectively.

The connectors meet the density requirements - combined with suitable sealing but without a defined tightening torque - in accordance with protection degree IP69 and are designed for operating temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C.