Miniature new industrial-grade inertial sensor units from Xsens

Xsens has launched a new miniature industrial-grade inertial sensor unit.

The MTi 600-series, supplied in a 31.5mm x 28.0mm x 13.0mm IP51-rated case, produce roll and pitch readings accurate to ±0.2°. GNSS-assisted heading (yaw) measurements are accurate to ±1.0°. Among the products’ new features are a CAN bus interface and NMEA compatibility.

Xsens has applied numerous innovations in its latest sensor fusion algorithms, which optimise the output from new accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer components.

There are four products in the MTi 600-series:

  • MTi-610 IMU, which provides fully calibrated sensor data outputs
  • MTi-620 VRU offering roll and pitch measurements accurate to ±0.2°
  • MTi-630 AHRS offering roll and pitch measurements accurate to ±0.2° and yaw measurements accurate to ±1.5°
  • MTi-670 GNSS/INS with GNSS support offering roll and pitch measurements accurate to ±0.2°, yaw measurements accurate to ±1.0°, and global positioning data supplied by an external GNSS receiver

The MTi 600-series modules are the first from Xsens to include an NMEA-compatible interface for GNSS receivers. This means that users can choose any GNSS receiver chip, module or system to work alongside the MTi-670, a GNSS/INS device which supplements the pitch, roll and yaw outputs available from other MTi 600-series products with global positioning information.

The MTi 600-series modules are available for sampling on request and production is expected in July 2019.