Miniature micro-layer capacitors

New Yorker Electronics is making available Miniature Micro-Layer (MML) film capacitors from Exxelia.

According to Exxelia, the MML line provides an energy density of 400 J/dm3. As a consequence, it allows for a substantial size/weight reduction compared to traditional Polypropylene or Polyester dielectrics, with an increased operating temperature up to 140°C and transient voltage protection.

Exxelia MML capacitors offer much greater flexibility in terms of design by allowing low profile configurations.

Several studies have been conducted on actual cases of controls and DC-Links functions for aircraft applications and all have shown about a 50-percent reduction in size and weight compared to other film technologies.

The comparative picture with MLCC demonstrates between 70% to 90% reduction in weight, while showing no capacitance derating with voltage applied and a low drift < 5% through the temperature range.

Applications using clusters of stacked MLCCs can now be replaced by a single MML unit of similar size, with all the increased reliability that film dielectric offers.

Due to these properties, Exxelia’s MML capacitors are suitable for power supplies, DC-links, AC/DC/AC power converters, charge/discharge or power generation functions of commercial/military aircraft, satellite platforms and payloads, launchers, defibrillators, downhole tools and any applications of confined electronics.