Miniature Enclosures for Personal Electronics

Sponsored by OKW: Typical applications include medical devices, personal safety, detection, monitoring, emergency call, audio, alarm, and remote control electronics.

The 'MINITEC' range consists of two basic designs: 'EDGE' - rectangular style cases and 'DROP' - droplet style cases. The EDGE models are now available in three larger sizes: length 78 mm, width 48 mm and heights of, 20, 24 & 26 mm. The extra heights provide additional internal space for the PCB, miniature keypad or other components. When taking into account the new sizes, and all the different styles, formats and colour options, over 200 individual 'MINITEC' enclosures can be configured by the electronics designer. The range now consists of eight individual cases sizes with dimensions ranging from 51 x 32 x 13 mm to 84 x 53 x 19 mm. Each case consists of a top part, bottom part and a soft intermediate ring. The top and base parts are moulded in off-white or lava grey ABS, or black infra-red transparent PMMA (UL 94 HB). The intermediate rings are moulded in soft touch TPE in four standard colours: volcano grey, orange, lime green and bright blue. The intermediate rings are available plain, or with moulded eyelets or strap loops for fitting the accessory key ring, wrist strap or lanyards. The recessed top part is designed for locating a membrane keypad or product label. The 'EDGE' style is also offered with a smooth top for fitting rubber keypads etc. Location bosses are moulded in the base parts for mounting PCBs and components, and the cases are assembled using a single self-tapping fixing screw. Prices start at £5. OKW can supply the 'MINITEC' enclosures machined with holes for keypads, connectors, LEDs etc., plus silk-screen printed legends and logos, and EMC shielding.