Compact Instrument Enclosures for Desktop & Portable Electronics

Sponsored by OKW: METCASE has launched the new 'MINIMET' range of aluminium instrument cases. These small, stylish and versatile enclosures have been designed for desktop and portable electronics.

Typical applications will include test and measurement systems, medical and wellness devices, laboratory equipment, switch boxes, peripherals and interfaces etc. The 'MINIMET' enclosures are available in eight standard sizes with external dimensions from 134 x 130 x 38 mm to 174 x 240 x 70 mm. The cases are powder painted in light grey, RAL 7035 with a fine textured finish. The aluminium construction consists of a complex folded top cover which incorporates recessed areas for mounting the front and rear panels. The recess is 14 mm at one end and 8 mm at the other end. This allows for protection of front and rear panel components of differing heights. The folded base section fits snugly into the top cover and is secured by M3 fixing screws. Four M3 x 8 mm screw pillars are fitted in the base for mounting PCBs and assemblies. Four non-slip self-adhesive rubber feet are also included. Two types of aluminium front/rear panels are offered as accessories: flat panels painted in the case colour, and anodised panels with clip-on ABS trims which hide the case fixing screws, and also allow fitting of a membrane keypad or product label. The ABS trims are moulded in contrasting window grey, RAL 7040. METCASE can supply the 'MINIMET' enclosures with additional holes for push-buttons, connectors and keypads etc., plus silk-screen printed legends and logos. The cases can also be painted in other colours. Standard prices start at £21.