Low power 16bit MCU family launched

The PIC24 GA7 family of microcontrollers from Microchip is said to feature the lowest cost 256kbyte 16bit MCU currently available and suggests the parts will find application in IoT sensor nodes, portable medical devices and industrial control.

With multiple sleep modes decreasing power consumption to as little as 190nA, the devices offer up to 256kbyte of flash and 16kbyte of RAM and are available in 28, 44 and 48pin packages.

Members of the GA7 family support Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs), including Configurable Logic Cell, Multi-output Capture Compare Pulse Width Modulation module and Direct Memory Access, allowing tasks to be performed in hardware while freeing the CPU for other tasks or to sleep. The MCUs also feature a 12bit, 200ksample/s A/D converter, up to seven timers and two UARTs.

The family is supported by Microchip’s Explorer 16/32 Development Board ecosystem, as well as the PIC24FJ256GA705 Plug-In Module.