Low impedance, long service life – electrolytic capacitors by Panasonic

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Electrolytic capacitors owe their name to the material that one of the electrodes is made of. Next to the metal (for example, aluminium) electrode, there is an electrolytic one. The thin oxide layer applied to the plate surface acts as an insulator. The electrolytic capacitor is characterised by high capacitance while still being small, which is also its great advantage. Due to its polarity, proper operation of the capacitor is only possible when it is connected in a specific orientation. What does it mean? It means that one of the contacts, the so-called anode, can be connected to high voltage.

• Characteristics of electrolytic capacitors

• Electrolytic capacitors

• The role of quality when choosing the capacitor

Electrolytic capacitors
As stated above, electrolytic capacitors are divided depending on the material they are made of. The difference is that for each capacitor type one of the two covers is made of a specific material. In an aluminium capacitor, the conductive plates are made as aluminium strips, a positive one and a negative one, separated by an electrolyte-saturated material. The capacitance of such elements ranges from 100 nF to 1 F.

Electrolytic capacitors are commonly used in many demanding branches of the industry, including military or medical devices, but also in high-quality audio equipment.

Hybrid solutions are an interesting expansion of electrolytic capacitors. In response to the needs of the rapidly developing computer technology, components characterised by high stability and resistance to exceeding current ratings have been designed. These small-sized capacitors can operate at both very low and high temperatures. Their resistance to electrical overload makes them a perfect choice for applications requiring high inrush power.

Polymer capacitors are also worth mentioning here, as thanks to the hybrid of a liquid and solid electrolyte, and an aluminium cathode, a low ESR value can be offered, while maintaining high capacitance. With the high stability of capacitance, even at low temperatures, these solutions perform much better than ordinary capacitors. Polymer components are also the right choice for high operating frequencies. Thanks to the robustness and high noise tolerance, their service life is relatively long and, consequently, the stability of operation and the durability of the motherboard on which the component is installed is also significantly improved.

Electrolytic capacitors by Panasonic
Panasonic is a global powerhouse and one of the undisputed leaders in the broadly defined electronics market. The company, with more than a hundred years of tradition and experience, has an extremely broad portfolio that covers household appliances, the automotive industry, industrial solutions, as well as cameras, TVs, audio systems and devices, air conditioning, heat pumps, and much more. The Panasonic Industry assortment also includes, among other things, proven electrolytic capacitors, which will be discussed in more detail in this text.The TME catalogue includes both SMD and THT mounted electrolytic capacitors. With more than a thousand items on offer, you will surely be able to select a suitable solution for any application. When selecting a product, it is worth paying attention to some particularly important parameters:

Capacitance [F] – the capacitance range of electrolytic capacitors in the TME catalogue spans from 22 µF to 22 mF;

Operating voltage [V] – from 4 to 450 V DC;

Operating temperature [°C] – ranging from -55°C to as high as 105°C, confirming high resistance to particularly harsh operating conditions;

Service life [h] – Panasonic capacitors are characterised by a very long service life, reaching up to 10000 hours of continuous operation;

Low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) – such capacitors are called low-impedance components. Thanks to low equivalent series resistance, they do not heat up that much, which means that much smaller capacitor structures can be offered with the same capacitance as classic solutions that are available on the market.

Compliance with the AEC-Q200 standard – Panasonic products are compliant with a rigorous standard which confirms compliance with the resistance and reliability standards required for the automotive industry in relation to passive components, i.e. resistors, capacitors, induction coils, etc.

The SMD electrolytic capacitors made with the use of the low ESR technology are an interesting group of products. The EEEFH1A561L model from the FH series is a new arrival in the TME catalogue and is a good example of the component belonging to the family of SMD electrolytic capacitors. According to the manufacturer, it is characterised by a service life of up to 10000 hours.

It is worth noting that it is designed in such a way that it makes soldering at elevated temperatures and mounting directly on the PCB possible. It is important to note that the SMD capacitors dissipate heat very efficiently, allowing them to operate over a wide temperature range, from -55 up to 105°C. The capacitance of this model is 560 µF, with a tolerance of ±20%, and the capacitor’s operating voltage is 10 V DC. Thanks to their small size, these Panasonic capacitors can be used even in the smallest electronic circuits.


EEEFH1A561L electrolytic capacitor

The solutions in this product family have a very low impedance. In this particular case, it is just 0.2 Ω. As befits first-class products, they are also compliant with the AEC-Q200 standard mentioned above.

Summary – choose proven solutions
Electrolytic capacitors are an extremely important group of passive components available on the electronics market, which are used in almost every electronic device. They perform a vital function of filtering and removing current ripple or reducing noise. Due to the remarkably wide range of solutions, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s technical specifications when selecting the best component for your application. The use of certified and proven capacitors, whose parameters will be compliant with the specification, guaranteeing reliable and stable operation, is also very important. Without a doubt, the Panasonic electrolytic capacitors are precisely such components.

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