ITT Cannon introduces CCS2 high amperage EV connectors

ITT Cannon has launched a high-performance CCS2 Electric Vehicle (EV) connector for the European charging station market.

This high amperage solution is available in 200 A, 250 A and 300 A variants with an enhanced boost mode that increases its amperage to 500 A. These tethered lead, mode 4 connectors feature a unique exchangeable mating face that enables EV charging network providers to complete a quick and seamless infield mating face replacement.

The product combines a modern matte black aesthetic with an ultra-durable UV-resistant design. Streamlined for weight and size optimisation, it includes an optional power consumption measurement capability for charging station monitoring and maintenance.

Cannon’s CCS2 high amperage connectors are also customisable, unlike many other equivalent DC offerings.

Key features of the CCS2 High Amperage solution include:

  • Flexible ergonomic cables
  • An uncooled design that requires no liquid refrigerant
  • Ambient operating temperature range of -30°C to +50°C
  • IEC 62196-3 certification at VDE
  • Full RoHS and REACH compliance